Key to Québec City

Key to Québec City


This Key to the City is a fully planned itinerary that has everything you need to enjoy your time in Québec City. Forget about the planning and research it is all done for you.


Within this itinerary, you will be provided with: 

🗝 Important information about Québec City(emergency numbers, destination specifics, and more)

🗝 Tips & Tricks (what you should know before visiting)

🗝 Fun Facts

🗝 Getting To and From Québec City

🗝 Accommodations Suggestions (Hotel, B&B, Hostel)

🗝 Restaurant Suggestions (Grab n' Go, Casual Dining, Fine Dining)

🗝 Key Sights & Activities

🗝 Day Trips

🗝 Getting Around Québec City

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