How to Travel During a Pandemic: Top 5 Concerns Addressed

Updated: Apr 5

There is a lot of fear right now, surrounding travel and whether or not it is safe to do so. Rightfully so, we are in the middle of a pandemic and there are so many unanswered questions. However, it is starting to look like this pandemic is not going away anytime soon and we are very quickly developing a “new normal” in many aspects of our lives. Are you willing to have this new normal, not involve travel? I don’t think I am.

I have spent the last few months really batting around the idea of travel, considering my own reservations and concerns, talking to other travelers about what their thoughts are and developing my own thoughts on what travel looks like right now and what it will look like in the future. I am also launching a custom vacation planning business right in the middle of a pandemic that has caused the travel industry to come to a halt. Crazy, right? I know! But I love travelling so much and I am not ready to give up the dream!

Really, we might have to travel a little differently than before, but travel is still possible.

Here are the top 5 concerns I’ve heard about traveling during this pandemic, and how I think we can get past them.

1. No money to travel right now

Nomadic Matt has some amazing travel tips for budget travelers. His philosophy is all about how to travel the world on $50/day (USD). He also has some great tips on how to travel hack by collecting points and miles. My concierge packages always offer options for budget accommodations, less expensive restaurant options, free things to do/places to see and options for the most cost effective transportation. As well, travel in the shoulder season as most things are far cheaper.

2. I fear getting stuck abroad/there's a government travel ban/a 2 week quarantine is too much

Travel doesn’t always have to mean abroad or far away. I like to think that this pandemic gives us the perfect opportunity to stay close to home and explore our own backyard. It is a great time to visit that state or province you’ve always wanted too, but never set aside the time to do it. This past summer I took an awesome weekend long trip to the Okanagan in British Columbia, my neighboring province. It was relaxing and a nice change from being stuck at home.

grapes, british columbia, winery
The grape vines at a winery in Penticon, B.C.

3. I don’t feel comfortable getting on a plane

You’re not alone!! There are many people who are not comfortable with this right now. So instead, why not take a road trip and explore some cool places in your own state/province. Or even go beyond that and take a road trip to a neighboring province/state. My husband and I spent one Saturday driving through Southern Alberta exploring some of the small towns that we have never made time to experience. It was a great day familiarizing ourselves with our own backyard,

Longview Alberta
Enjoying lunch at the saloon in Longview, AB

4. There are too many restrictions

This is true, there are a lot of restrictions, that vary greatly, all over the world. I understand that it could be off putting to travel someone amazing, but have to be stuck wearing a mask the whole time, not be able to see everything because of closures, and have less frequent transportation options. Now is the time to dream though and live vicariously through your planning.

5. I don't want to loose money on my bookings

During these times of uncertainty, it is super important that you make as many of your bookings refundable, as possible. Often times hotels do have a refundable option and if you are booking your accommodations through a site like AirBnB or VRBO, make sure you read the cancellation policy before making your booking. Same goes for your flights, always ensure that you select the refundable option. Often times, this means that the airline will provide you with a travel credit instead of a money-back refund, but this could vary depending on the airline. As for any reservations or bookings to attractions, you will need to check first if the booking can be refunded. Always, always, always, check the cancellation policies and read the fine print!

There are definitely lots of concerns about travel right now, but it is most definitely still possible. If you need help planning your next vacation, I am always available to help!

For more information on my Concierge Packages or Custom Vacation Planning, feel free to reach out directly to me.

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