The Venice of Canada

Updated: Apr 5

Canada, the Great White North! There is so much more to our great land than snow and beavers.

Each province has hidden travel destinations that are world class. Did you know there is a ‘Venice’ in Ontario? If not, then it is a place to add to the top of your bucket list!

Lagoon City, Ontario, is known as the Venice of Canada. It is a small community nestled right on Lake Simcoe. Houses line the waterways just like the picturesque city in Italy. It is as common for locals to travel by boat as by car. The architecture is a strange sight in Ontario. You could easily spend an entire day just looking at all the unique homes.

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The good news is this little gem of a destination is littered with AirBnB’s so you can have an authentic Canadian Italian vacation experience.

If sightseeing the local restaurants and bars aren’t your idea of fun then don’t fret. A day cruise along the waterways will make anyone’s trip complete.

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If going to Europe isn't in the budget this year or if you’re just a patriotic home bird then this place is for you. The canal community was first envisioned in the 1960s by a Hungarian Engineer. Ultimately construction began in the 1970s and the result of the disco era toil was a water paradise in beautiful Ontario.

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Remember, like all the wonderful destinations in Canada, Lagoon City included, national holidays mean an increase in visitors. So if you are over society and want quiet time by the water, avoid August long. If you like atmosphere and fun filled venues, then Canada Day and Labour Day will ensure you have a fun vacation.

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