The First Hike

This will be a summer of firsts! My whole life I have lived with the Rocky Mountains as my backyard, but I have never explored them. This summer I decided to, so along with my first hike why not write my first blog post?

The Grassi Lakes trail head is located about an hour and a half from my front door and right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It is a loop trail, approximately 3.2 kilometers, and takes about an hour to complete. For anyone out there looking to start hiking the Rockies, I definitely recommend this as a place to start. It has a little something for everyone, including children and dogs. It’s a very populated trail, but one worth taking.

Grassi Lakes Trail, Canmore Alberta, Canada
My dog Mac and I trailing behind my 8 year old nephew

A few steps from the trail head you will see a sign telling you to go left for the difficult trail, and right for the easy trail. The difficult trail isn't so bad, highly recommend taking this route because that is where you will get all the good views.

It is a well cleared man-made path the entire way to the lakes. The whole way up, you will have a great view of the lake and the dam below, but if you look across the valley you see the beautiful peaks that mark the start of the Rockies. For a person that has never hiked before, this view is incredible.

Grassi Lakes Trail, Canmore Alberta, Canada
View from about half way up the difficult route

As you continue on, you reach a lookout point where you have an incredible photo opportunity of both raging waterfall as well as the lake below.

Grassi Lakes Trail, Canmore Alberta, Canada
Raging waterfall that can be seen from the lookout point

Next, get your legs ready for a bit of a climb. Some stairs have been built out of rock to help you get further up the mountain. Don't worry, once you get up the stairs, there is a nice little area to stop and catch your breath. The climb is worth it though, because once you're up there the view is completely unobstructed.

Grassi Lakes Trail, Canmore Alberta, Canada
View from the highest point of the trail

The path level out after were and eventually you come to the first of the Grassi Lakes trio. I thought this lake was nice, but I had no idea what was awaiting me up ahead. The next two lakes were the bluest lakes I have ever seen. The colour was just amazing and the water was so clear you could see all the way to the bottom. Throw in a small rock and watch it sink!

Grassi Lakes Trail, Canmore Alberta, Canada
The bluest, clearest lake I have ever seen

From here, it is up to you how you want to get back to the trail head, you can either take the easy way back or the difficult way. The difficult way takes you back the way you came, the easy way is a wide open gravel path.

Once you get back to the parking lot, cross the street and finish off the day with a little sit beside the lake. It’s a great opportunity to have a swim, let the dogs have a drink, and just simply wind down. Feel accomplished, you just completed your beginner hike.

Grassi Lakes Trail, Canmore Alberta, Canada
Mac cooling off after a great hike

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