A Weekend in Denver, Colorado

A couple years ago my husband was in Salt Lake City for a work event and with him being a huge Colorado Avalanche fan, we decided it was a cool idea for him to hop over to Denver afterwards, and then I would fly from Canada to meet him there.

I flew in on Friday afternoon and we left Sunday afternoon so we didn’t have much time but wanted to do as much as possible.

This is a recap of our whirlwind Denver adventure.

16th Street Mall

We stayed at the far end of this long promenade, instead of another location in Denver, due to its central location. It is located in the heart of downtown Denver and close to all the attractions we wanted to see. The whole strip is filled with restaurants, bars, shops and cafes. It is considered a super touristy area, but when you have such a short amount of time, it is the perfect place to hang out. My favourite part of 16th St Mall was the Coyote Ugly. I am generally not a bar/nightclub person, but I had never seen a Coyote Ugly before. I am a huge fan of the movie so I figured, why not. Turns out, it is an absolute riot and I highly recommend swinging in there for a drink or two if you are on 16th Street. We wandered up and down the strip a few times stopping in at different places to eat and have a drink on the patios.

16th Street Mall
16th Street Mall Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

Pepsi Center

I mentioned previously that my husband is a huge Avs fan. We couldn’t go to Denver during hockey season without catching an Avs game. We decided that we would take a rickshaw from our hotel to the Pepsi Center, in hopes that we would be able to see a little more of Denver than we would be able to from the back of a cab. It was a great ride and our driver was great at pointing out sights along the way. The arena was incredible. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting out of an arena, but I loved it there. It was very clean and easily laid out. Our hometown arena is quite dated so it was a nice comparison.

Pepsi Center, Denver Colorado
Pepsi Center Photo Credit:

My husband and I in the Pepsi Center, with the announcers

Denver Aquarium

Previous to being in Denver I had never really been in an aquarium. I thought it was a really cool experience and as a result, I now try to find an aquarium in every city that I travel to. Really, as far as aquariums go, it was pretty standard, but I was a first timer so I was in awe of everything. My favourite part was the mermaid tank. They have a lovely restaurant in the Aquarium and in the middle is a large fish tank. There are some cool fish in there as well as some stingrays, but the neatest part is that there are real life mermaids who put on shows for the dinner guests.

One of the mermaids while we were eating dinner Photo Credit: Denver Aquarium

It doesn’t sound like much, but with only 2 days, and with the amount of activities on 16th Street Mall, these 3 things were plenty to keep us busy.

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