Standing in a pillory at Caerphilly Castle, in Caerphilly Wales


I help build dream vacations with customized plans and off the shelf, pre-planned itineraries for people who want to see the world, but can't find time to do the planning and research. 

My name is Holly and travel planning is my jam! I discovered travel in my early 20's and once the travel bug set in, I couldn't shake it. For years I have been planning travel itineraries for my husband and I. Eventually, I started getting requests from friends and family to help them with custom itineraries. Now, I would like to share my passion for unique vacations with the world so that everyone can experience the freedom of having a custom travel planner!

Plan My Trip isn't just any old travel company. You will have an experience that is way more personalized than any package you can purchase online. I want to help people meet their travel goals! I care about people making memories and sharing unforgettable moments with one another. Connecting, that is what travel is about after all. 

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